What can I put in my bin?

General Waste Bins

All general waste items are allowed; including household, garden, shed and commercial waste.

No hardfill, liquids, mattresses, car tyres or hazardous substances are allowed.


Comingled Recycling Bins

Glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal. No general waste or plastic shopping bags allowed in these bins.


Cardboard & Paper Recycling Bins

All types of paper & cardboard, including books & magazines. No general waste, plastic recycling or polystyrene allowed in these bins.


Organic Collection Bins

All types of green garden waste, food scraps & food waste wrapped in newspaper. No general waste or plastics allowed in these bins.

Glass Recycling Bins

All types of glass, including multi-coloured glass, picture frame glass and shower screens . No general waste or plastics allowed in these bins.


Document Destruction Bins

All types of paper & cardboard, including books, magazines & paper with staples. Please remove large metal items such as bulldog clips from your documents prior to placing it in the bin.

Hook Lift Bins

​All general waste items including green waste, timber, hard fill, concrete, metal & more. Mattresses and car tyres are permitted but will incur additional charges. No liquids (paint, oil, etc) or hazardous materials are allowed in the bins.


Hook bins specifically for asbestos or category C waste are available on request.


Hard Fill Bins

​Soil, rocks, bricks, sand & tiles. No general waste or timber is allowed in these bins.





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